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Our Terms and Conditions



Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

The website is also known as prom dress uk and prom dresses uk.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the "Customer" shall be taken to mean the individual who is using the web site for the purposes of finding a supplier, or for general interest.   The "Advertiser" is taken to mean the business or person advertising or promoting their business or services on the web site, either with an advertisement on the web site, or with a link from the web site to their web site.

The web site is provided as a free service, for information purposes only, for customers seeking a prom dress or a prom suit and/or other prom related services. Advertisers pay for a listing on the web site.

These terms and conditions regulate the legal relationship between the Advertiser (that is the person who places or submits the advertisement) and and between the Customer and . These terms and conditions may not be varied, modified or amended unless agreed in writing by both parties.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the information presented on our website is accurate and complete, this cannot be guaranteed.

Advertisers must certify that the content of their advertisement is honest and not in anyway misleading.

Whilst care is taken to establish that businesses advertising on this site are bona fide, this cannot be guaranteed, and Customers must carry out their own checks before entering into any agreement.

If Advertisers or Customers provide an image, photograph or logo for use on the web site, the Advertiser or Customer must own the copyright of the image, photograph or logo, or must have the written permission of the copyright owner of the image, photograph or logo for it to be displayed on the web site. Advertisers or Customers providing the image, photograph or logo accept total responsibility for any copyright infringement.  Images, photographs or logos can only be accepted on that understanding.

The images and photographs featured on this website are the property of the individual designers, manufacturers, wholesalers or their agents, who supply us with their images or give us permission to copy them from their own websites. In giving their permission for us to feature and promote their images and photographs on our website, the individual designers, manufacturers, wholesalers or their agents confirm that (i) they are the copyright owners of the said images and photographs, and (ii) they give permission for us to use and promote their images freely on this website, and (iii) their images may be used by us, and by other third parties, on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. accepts all advertisements in good faith and cannot accept any liability for their content. shall be entitled to vary or cancel any Contract with any Advertiser for any reason beyond our control, or if we are unable, for any reason, to maintain or update the web site to fulfil our Contract with the Advertiser. We shall not be responsible in any way to the Advertiser, for inability to maintain the web site under these circumstances. can accept no liability for the content of other web sites linked to this site. Advertisers must acknowledge that they are entirely responsible for any content of their web site, and that has no liability for that content. Users of the web site must accept that in linking to other sites, accepts no liability for the content of those sites. Users also accept that they cannot hold responsible in any way for the content of linked web sites.  Users also accept that a link to another site from this site does not imply a recommendation or endorsement or any other relationship between this site and the site linked to. has not had the opportunity to inspect any of the premises or stock of any advertiser, and so cannot offer any guarantee of quality or reliability.

Advertisers must comply in all respects with the provisions of data protection and direct marketing law and regulations, and all other relevant legislation.

Online retailers and manufacturers who advertise on this site must comply with all the usual terms and conditions, and in particular they MUST

-provide a bona fide UK postal address and telephone number to all customers

-supply only genuine, branded goods

-have a clear and well publicised set of terms and conditions, including their returns and refunds policies.

The web site is provided as a free service, for information purposes only, for customers seeking a prom dress or prom suit and/or other prom related services, and whilst we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, about the completeness, suitability, reliability, accuracy or availability of the website or any of its content. Any reliance that you place on the content of this website is therefore at the customer's or advertiser's own risk. can accept no liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused, arising as a result of relying on any information on this, or any linked, web site.

The web site is provided as a free service, for information purposes only, for customers seeking a prom dress or prom suit and/or other prom related services, and can accept no liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused, arising as a result of a customer contacting, visiting, hiring or purchasing any item from any of the advertisers appearing on this site, either currently or at any time in the past.

Every effort is made to ensure that the website runs smoothly, but can take no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being unavailable for any reason.

It is not possible for to reply to every letter or e-mail, and correspondence cannot be entered into.  Responsibility, legal or otherwise, for advice offered and/or any answers given cannot be accepted. will not get involved in any dispute between a customer of this site and an advertiser on this site, and can accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from such a dispute.

All intellectual property rights on this site belong to .

Users of this web site must not copy any information from this site, except to download for viewing on a personal computer. Reproduction of any part of the web site for any purpose, without the prior written permission of, is strictly prohibited. Some products and company names featured on this site may be the copyright, or trademarks of their owners.

The web site may NOT be used by other businesses or individuals as a source of contact information to be used for marketing, advertising, or any other type of business service. In particular, the information contained in the directory sections may NOT be used by any third party to produce other directories or databases.

The order and placing of any advertisement on this web site implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Any personal information collected by will be held in accordance with the privacy policy.