The Prom Dresses Catalogue

You will just love this section - we have over 1,000 designs, and over 2,000 photographs! Click on one of almost 40 Designers below to view their collection. When you find a dress you like, you can either visit our Dress Shop Directory Page to see a list of shops in your area, or use the search box at the top of each Designer's page to find a shop selling that particular label. Give them a call and tell them that you have found your dream dress on the Prom Dress UK web site.

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Some of the shops in our Dress Shop Directory list which of the above 'labels' they stock, but many do not - so some of the shops may stock a particular 'label' even if they don't say so. So, if you are searching for prom dresses by one of the above manufacturers, go to our Dress Shop Directory and click on your area of the UK. There you will find a list of prom dress shops in your area. Start contacting them, and tell them you have seen them on the web site. Ask if they stock the label you are after, but don't despair if the shops near you don't stock the label you want - they all stock some fantastic dresses, and all are quite likely to have something very similar to the sort of dress you have in mind. If you can't find a dress that you like, remember there are formal and evening wear retailers in the Directory Section who can design and make your dress for you! Remember also to take your time and enjoy looking for your gown. Many of the shops won't be getting their new stock in until January/February time - so if you buy or hire earlier than this, you may miss out on all the great summer ball gowns!