More problems with ordering your dress from abroad

by Tracey from Glitz in Kilmarnock

photo of two dresses - the one on the left is genuine, whilst the one on the right is a cheap copy

The picture of the blue dress on the left was used (illegally) on a foreign website, selling prom dresses to the UK. The dress seemed to be for sale at a bargain price so the girl pictured on the right ordered one in pink, paid for it, and here she is pictured wearing it! The dress that arrived was nothing like the original photo on the left!

Some of these so called 'cheap dress' websites are illegally using the manufacturers' images to sell their own version the dresses, and many of these fake dresses are complete disasters. This year has been extremely tough for us retailers, with girls using our shop to try on dresses, only to go online to order what they think is the same dress at a cheaper price. We then get so many of them returning to our shop complaining that they have lost their money or have had 'a piece of rag' sent to them, only to be left with no time to get another dress.

From Jenny (at Jeneveve):

We have had so many girls in the shop this year complaining about buying online. Dresses not arriving, arriving like old rags, scam sites, etc etc. Lots of girls have lost their money completely, and some have been flying in the shop at the last minute trying to find an alternative dress because theirs has not arrived at all. I did say that I would put this in my advertising next year to warn the girls of this problem. They seem to think that buying online saves them money, but in many cases, it does not. The quality of many of these dresses is awful. There is a website which is copying Mori Lee dresses, saying that customers can order any dresses in any colour. I have seen some of these dresses, and the quality is dreadful! Just thought it might be helpful, for the girls, and of course us in the retail shops, to warn them of these problems.

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