5 Tips to help you find the Perfect Prom Dress

photo of beautiful black evening gown, with pink trim

1. Sort your dress early - but not too early!

Don't leave it until the week before the Prom - you definitely don't want to be involved with a last minute rush to find your dream dress. On the other hand, you shouldn't choose too early - many shops don't get their full stock in until the early spring, and if you buy or hire too soon, you could miss out on the latest dresses. If your prom is around May or June, the best time to start looking is around January or February, with a view to making your final choice by about early March.

2. Remember the small shops!

Most really do offer the most amazing selection of fabulous prom dresses.A small, independent retailer is where you are most likely to find that really special dress.

3. Go shopping with an open mind.

Okay, so it helps to have a good idea of just what kind of dress you are looking for, but try not to get a really fixed idea in your head. Some girls see a picture of a particular dress, and will consider nothing else but that dress. Well, they are really limiting themselves, and if and when they do find it, it may not even suit them. Remember, what looks good on one person may not look anything at all on another. So, by all means know what you are looking for, but keep an open mind. You may just come across a style or colour you had not even considered before, that looks just right on you - and if you hadn't kept an open mind, you may never have tried it on!

photo of full length evening gown in a pink satin material

4. Take someone with you, to help you choose.

You really do need someone with you, but be careful who you take. It must be someone whose opinion you value, and above all, whose opinion you can trust. The best person to take would usually be Mum, Dad, older sister, Grandma etc - they will normally have your best interests at heart. Remember that friends could be in competition - they will want to look the 'best at the prom', even if they don't admit it, so can you really trust their opinion on your dress? When you come out of the shop's changing area in a dress that brings tears to your Mum's eyes, you know you have picked a winner!

5. Use the promdress.co web site.

This site was produced especially for YOU, so please use it! You can look at the photographs of all the gorgeous dresses, and dream about your prom night. You can choose the dresses you like best, and imagine wearing one as you step out of a limousine at your school prom. Best of all, you can use the dress directory section to find a shop near you which stocks the dress to make your prom dreams come true!

Where best to start looking? In our prom dress catalogue of course! We have around 2,000 photographs of some of the best gowns by the most popular designers and manufacturers - you can see two pictures on this page, so get to our catalogue and view the rest!

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