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Why a Small Shop may be Best.




Why a Small Shop may be Best
photo of two evening gowns - one black, the other white  

    Where should you go to find your dream dress?  Well, lots of shops now sell prom dresses, and it is sometimes difficult to know where to start looking. 

    Lots of girls go straight to their nearest large department store, and don't even consider other options - but they are missing out on some beautiful, and often exclusive, dresses.  Most of the shops listed in our dress shop directory are small, independent retailers, who can offer a fantastic choice of dresses.  The shops are usually run by the owners themselves, and so every customer is important to them, and they usually offer an excellent level of personal service, along with expert advice.  Most will stock the gowns from two or three of the major designers shown on our dress catalogue page, and some retailers even try to ensure that no two identical dresses are taken to the same school prom!

    Don' forget the Bridal shops either!  It may seem odd to go to a bridal shop for a prom dress, but remember that many of the manufacturers that make bridesmaid dresses also make prom dresses - and many bridal shops (listed in our directory) have started to stock them.

    What about hiring a dress?  Do consider it - you could end up wearing an exclusive gown costing much more than you could ever afford to buy!

photo of a very dark red, full length, evening gown