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photo of Tiffanys prom dress - click here to see more

We have over 2,000 photographs of unbelievably beautiful dresses in our Photo Gallery!

photo of a girl in a Scarlett Evenings dress - click here to see more

Just click on the links above to find shops near you that sell or hire these dresses!

This page is dedicated to helping you find the dress of your dreams!  Whether you are looking for a stunning gown for a College or School Prom, or for any other special event, we are here to help. Just click on your area of the UK in the list below.


Find me a dress shop in my area:

photo of girl in party dress by John Charles
England Lancashire Yorkshire East
Bedfordshire Leicestershire Yorkshire North
Berkshire Lincolnshire Yorkshire South
Bristol Merseyside Yorkshire West
Buckinghamshire Norfolk  
Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire


Cheshire Northumbria  
Cleveland Nottinghamshire Aberdeen
Cornwall Oxfordshire Dundee
Cumbria Rutland Edinburgh
Derbyshire Shropshire Glasgow
Devon Somerset Highlands
Dorset Staffordshire S. W. Scotland
Durham Suffolk  
Essex Surrey Wales

Here is a directory of UK shops and businesses which can supply the most beautiful gowns. Click on your area of the country, and we will show you where you can buy or hire prom dresses or ball gowns at a shop or boutique near you - and some of the shops will even make an outfit for you!

Gloucestershire Sussex East

Greater London Sussex West Cardiff Area
Grtr Manchester Teesside Mid Wales
Hampshire Tyne & Wear Newport Area
Herefordshire Warwickshire North Wales
Hertfordshire West Midlands S. W. Wales
Isle of Wight Wiltshire  
Kent Worcestershire Ireland
    N. Ireland    
Enjoy looking for your Dress, and have a brilliant evening!!!!
Don't forget, most of the photos are in the Photo Gallery section.  Look there first and find YOUR dream Dress - then come back to this section to find a shop near you.

If you need shoes to match your outfit, you must check out our Accessory Section! We show you where you can find shoes in dozens of styles and in almost unlimited colours, from a shop near you!  Hundreds of retailers throughout the UK can supply these fantastic shoes - don't miss out!


photo of girl in net skirt, fastening shoes

photo of tiara

From tiaras to hair extensions, and from choker sets to shoes in the colour of your outfit, make sure that you check out our Accessory Section!

photo of hair extension


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