Advertise your business on this website!

Why Advertise on this site?

This is now the UK's busiest Prom Dress website, averaging around a million visitors per year. Try a Google UK search for "prom dresses Kent" and you will see our Kent dress page, entitled "Formal Evening Wear in Kent" high in the search results. Try it for your area of the UK - this is what teenagers searching for a Prom Dress will do - and your business can be listed on the page that they find!

Who can advertise?

Prom dress and evening wear retailers, dress designers and manufacturers.

If you are a reputable retailer who sells, hire or make prom dresses, ball gowns or evening wear, please apply using our online application form, or simply send us an email to with your details. If you are a designer or manufacturer, and would like us to feature photographs of your gowns in our Photo Gallery, then please send us an email to in the first instance. We will only accept advertisements from Bona Fide businesses.

The Cost?

The cost for a full year's listing for a retail shop on this web site varies from £39 to £89, depending on how prominent you wish your listing to appear, how many counties you wish to be listed in, and whether or not you require a link to your web site. A full list of charges is given at the foot of this page.

How to Apply?

If you are a retailer, use our online application form. Prom dress manufacturers wishing to feature their gowns on this site, and companies wishing to advertise on the prom related accessories page should contact us by e-mail for further details.


There is nothing to pay now! Please note that this is NOT a secure web site, so please do NOT send any credit card or any other payment details with your order. We will invoice you, once your entry has been accepted and listed on the site. When you are happy with your listing, you then simply pay by cheque, bank transfer or by card over the 'phone.

Any Questions?

You only have to ask, and we will try to answer any queries you may have. Just click on the contact button above and send us an e-mail. Of course, as soon as you subscribe to our site, and become one of our valued customers, you will be able to contact us by telephone if you prefer communicating directly with real people! If you would prefer to place your advertisement over the 'phone, just e-mail your name and telephone number to us, and we will telephone you.

The Cost: Advertisers can choose from one of the four listing levels given below, and prices shown are for a full year's listing on this web site. This updated pricing structure will apply from 1st January 2008.

1. Basic Listing at £39 per year

A one line entry, giving your business name in bold, address and telephone number.

2. Standard Listing at £49 per year

A two line entry, under the heading of your nearest large town, giving your business name in bold, address and telephone number, and a bold link to your web site. Standard listings appear above the Basic listings on the county page.

3. Enhanced Listing at £59 per year

As the standard listing, but including up to 200 characters (approx 35 words) of advertising text. It can also be listed in a second county if required, for no extra charge. Enhanced listings appear above the Standard listings.

4. Premier Listing at £89 per year

As the enhanced listing, but will include up to 300 characters (approx 50 words) of advertising text. It can also include a small image, photograph or logo. The price includes a listing in two extra counties (three counties in total) if required, with the option of listing in further counties at just £10 per extra county per year. Premier listings appear above the Enhanced listings. The Premier listing is the most popular of our listings.


  1. Customers without a web site are welcome to choose any of the Standard, Enhanced or Premier listings to achieve a higher page position, or extra county listings, even though they cannot take advantage of the web link. The prices will be as listed above, and a web link can always be added at a later date at no extra charge.
  2. Listing positions on the County/area pages:

    Preference is given to 'In County' listings (that is, retailers advertising in their own county or area). The listings will appear in blocks on each page as follows:

    • Block 1: In County Premier
    • Block 2: In County Enhanced
    • Block 3: In County Standard
    • Block 4: In County Basic
    • Block 5: Out of County Premier
    • Block 6: Out of County Enhanced
  3. For example, a retailer with a business in Essex opting for a Premier listing, and choosing Cambridgeshire and Suffolk as their second and third counties, would be placed in Block 1 on the Essex page and in Block 5 on the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk pages.

    Within these blocks, retailers will be listed in the order in which they apply.

    The above listing positions are given for general guidance only, and prom dress uk reserves the right to depart from this order.

  4. All advertisers must comply with the prom dress uk terms and conditions.